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Are you “Armchair Quarterbacking” Your Marketing Decisions in Asia–Pacific?

LSSG’s "feet on the street" in India bring you closer to markets, products and customers

The Pharmaceutical industry´s concentration on emerging markets in the Asia–Pacific region is driving more and more product and market strategy and business development decisions. To support these initiatives, U.S. and European–based professionals collect copious amounts of market research. However, and here´s the rub, many professionals continue to use their same domestic vendors, most of which lack any real presence in the Asia–Pacific region — in a sense, "armchair quarterbacking" Asia–Pacific strategies through once–removed vendors.

Life Science Strategy Group, LLC extends its Asia–Pacific reach with market research and consulting services now offered through its expanded presence in New Delhi, India. With "feet on the street" in India and access to countries throughout Asia–Pacific, LSSG now provides direct access to overseas markets and customers, technologies/products and licensing contacts, bringing you closer to the game and providing you visibility to make better brand, marketing and business development decisions.

The Asia–Pacific life science market recorded revenues of $111 billion in 2009, and is on pace to surpass that this year as the economic climate begins to change for the better. The combined revenue of Indian life science companies in 2009 was $21 billion, accounting for approximately 19% of the total revenues in the Asia–Pacific region. This takes India to the number two spot in the region (behind China) driven by an expanding middle class, and growing affordability of and greater access to healthcare. Seven Indian companies including Cipla, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Cadila Healthcare, Lupin, Aurobindo Pharma and Sun Pharma are among Asia’s leading life science companies.

With the passage of regulatory reform and reintroduction of product patent protection, interest in the Indian pharmaceutical market has increased significantly. That combined with growing prosperity, shifting disease patterns from acute to chronic, long–term therapies, increased government spending on healthcare and the likely introduction of healthcare insurance with prescription drug coverage, the market holds opportunity for companies choosing to either invest and grow brands overseas or out–license novel technologies to international companies competing in a rapidly growing Asia–Pacific marketplace.

The potential benefits and opportunities however, come with unique challenges and uncertainties. In an overseas business environment like Asia–Pacific, answers to key questions are often murky, and regulatory, government and market risk is dynamic — in short, traditional methods may be inadequate. Life Science Strategy Group has local expertise that is well connected to every aspect of the Indian and Asia–Pacific life science industry. Working with its Asia–Pacific team, Life Science Strategy Group delivers insightful market research, product analysis and licensing–support services that support better brand, marketing and business development strategies — taking you out of your "armchair" and putting you "in the huddle" with your potential markets, products and customers.

To learn more about LSSG´s Asia–Pacific market research and consulting services or to request a detailed case study, please contact Life Science Strategy Group at

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Patient Chart Review Studies — Uncover How Physicians Really Treat Their Patients

LSSG´s novel approach makes the power of patient chart review studies accessible to everyone

For pharmaceutical marketing managers, observing live interactions between physicians and patients during office visits would be ideal to understand real prescribing behavior. Unfortunately, this approach is impossible given physicians´ triple–booked schedules and obvious patient privacy policies. Still, brand teams do have a resource at their disposal to truly uncover how and why physicians make treatment decisions — patient chart reviews.

Until recently patient chart reviews have been cost prohibitive to many biopharmaceutical firms due to their labor–intensive and time–consuming nature. However, with the advent of Internet–supported surveying techniques and opted–in physician panels, a new paradigm is emerging. Life Science Strategy Group, LLC (LSSG) has further refined these techniques to deliver robust and cost-effective patient chart review studies that utilize Internet and telephone–supported techniques, making the power and insight from these studies truly accessible.

LSSG combines its expansive global contact database of more than 500,000 physicians with novel qualitative, quantitative and longitudinal chart review methodologies and experienced consultants to provide high–value insight across all stages of the physician–patient care continuum.

Qualitative Chart Review Studies
Consisting of telephone and telephone–assisted Internet surveys, LSSG´s qualitative chart review studies explore specific patient types and probe actual decisions related to patient care. As a result, physicians provide real–world information and not speculation based on hypothetical situations.

Quantitative Chart Review Studies
Utilizing telephone–assisted Internet surveys, stand-alone Internet surveys, and dynamic market share models, LSSG´s quantitative chart review studies map detailed diagnosis and treatment processes. The coupling of real patient attributes to actual physician behavior is often more insightful than examining only physicians´ perceptions, helping brand teams determine market and/or patient share, identify marketing opportunities and develop brand strategy.

Longitudinal Chart Review Studies
Conducted monthly, quarterly or bi–annually, LSSG´s longitudinal chart review studies track patient chart information over time to evaluate patient or market share of key regimens and drugs by demographic and/or clinical characteristic(s). This approach gives a better account (on a periodic basis) of true drug use by physicians in various practice settings (e.g., community and academic/teaching hospitals) and significantly reduces over- or under-representation by secondary or audit data.

To learn more about LSSG´s patient chart review services or to request a detailed case study, please contact Life Science Strategy Group at

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Take the Pulse of Your Market with LSSG´s Industry Omnibus Surveys™

LSSG brings you closer to product and service decision-makers with its omnibus survey program

Given the dynamic nature of life science markets, true competitive advantage is afforded to those companies that understand their rapidly changing market segments and respond with product or service strategies accordingly. Unfortunately, tight budgets and even tighter timelines prohibit many companies from conducting comprehensive market research studies, thereby forcing sub–optimal decisions. In an effort to bring its clients closer to market decision–makers and to support strong and timely strategic or tactical plans, Life Science Strategy Group, LLC has introduced a subscription–based program, Industry Omnibus Surveys™ to the Contract Research (CRO), Diagnostic and Drug Discovery markets.

LSSG´s Industry Omnibus Survey™ program is an affordable and timely subscription–based service that provides you access to a customizable survey consisting of your most pressing business questions. The survey is conducted quarterly or semi–annually, targeting key decision–makers in your market. As an omnibus survey subscriber you provide your pre–determined number of survey questions and then LSSG utilizes its extensive contact database to field your survey to 100 carefully prescreened target respondents via Internet survey. We then provide to you the robust data set, but more importantly, LSSG´s analysis and interpretation in a comprehensive PowerPoint report.

CRO Industry Omnibus Survey™
Omnibus survey fielded to outsourcing decision–makers including research and development teams, procurement groups and senior level executives within large, medium and small biopharmaceutical companies.

Diagnostic Industry Omnibus Survey™
Omnibus survey fielded to laboratory directors, managers and supervisors at large, medium and small community and academic hospital diagnostic laboratories performing molecular/nucleic acid-based assay and/or protein–based/immunoassay diagnostic tests.

Drug Discovery Industry Omnibus Survey™
Omnibus survey fielded to academic, government and biopharmaceutical research laboratory respondents including laboratory managers, principal investigators and scientists responsible for product and service purchasing decisions.

To learn more about or to subscribe to LSSG´s Industry Omnibus Survey™ program, please contact Life Science Strategy Group at

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